Your Colgate Ring of Confidence

Professional business coach, Sandra Bartlett shares how she identifies and connects with her “WHY” in business. She shares how you can do this too, to enable you to establish and maintain momentum in all areas of your business.

One of the first questions everyone asked when I opened my business was “do you have a logo/brand?”

Every other business had one, should I have one? Do I need one? These were the questions I was asking myself, I was the new kid on the block and I didn’t want to look or feel different to other businesses.

You may be thinking that your business brand doesn’t emote feelings. I believe that it does. When I look at a business logo it stirs up emotions for me. In Elisha’s last blog, she indicated that she liked the logo for the massage clinic due to the way it flowed, the earthy colours and the gentle flow of the font. These are all emotions.

A year passed and I sought the help of a designer to explore my options concerning a logo. The designer asked me “WHY are you in business?” I replied with confidence and clarity and immediately the designer indicated that my logo should also create these emotions in people.

The designer said “Keep it simple. Give it clarity, give it style and confidence with colour. Finally, develop a tag line that resonates with what it is that you do for your clients.”

My business branding “Stairway 2 Dreams” – The Power to make Change was born.

I am Sandra Bartlett, a professional coach that keeps it simple for small business owners and young leaders by connecting them to their WHY. Together we explore your behaviours and I help you identify if they are limiting your success.

I believe that identifying and connecting to your WHY is the key that encourages you to establish and maintain momentum in all areas of your business.

My 3 tips for identifying your WHY

If I were to create a day that is sustainable that has my heart singing, my breath flowing easily and my step has a spring…

  • What would I be doing?
  • Who would be sharing this with?
  • What difference would I be making to others?

I have experienced the depth of this connection when that difficult decision needs to be made. I think of my WHY and the people who will share the success of my business with me, and it all becomes worthwhile.


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