You require my logo in what format???

So you already have a logo but have decided to use a different graphic designer to design your business cards, flyers, company profile or pull-up banner, but you’re not sure what file type you need to provide your logo in for the best results.

The short answer is “vector format”, but what does that mean?

Many people have trouble locating the correct file and they go back and forth trying to get the file their designer needs as they’re not really sure what format is need needed and why…

If a professional designer created your logo, they would have designed it in a vector format, and should have provided you these original files.

The file type will be an EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) file and you most likely won’t have the correct software to open it, but that’s ok, we can!

The standard practice when designing a logo is to create it using a vector graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator. A vector image is made up of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygons and therefore can be magnified infinitely without loss of quality.

The alternative is using Raster software such as Adobe Photoshop, in which the image is made up of pixels and can cause problems in reproduction.

Have you seen a photo or an image that has been cropped or zoomed in too close? You can start to see the pixels of the image and it looks terrible. This is how the logo will print at a larger size if designed in Raster.

See example below of a Vector logo (left) versus a Raster logo (right):



It is essential that your logo is created in vector format to ensure the logo can be scaled to any size and can be edited easily at a later date to maintain high quality.

We love to accept:

– EPS (preferred)
– PDF (exported from a vector file)

IF high quality (300dpi) and a large file size, we can possibly accept the following for flyers and business cards, but may run into some problems…


We cannot accept:
– Microsoft Word (.doc)
– Publisher (.pub)
– Powerpoint (.ppt)
– Low quality JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP.
– A logo that has been put into any of the Microsoft programs as this decreases the quality of the file.

If you have your logo designed by Evoke Visual Creations, we design logos in Adobe Illustrator and save our final file as an EPS file.

We provide this EPS a PDF, and we do understand that you may require particular file types for web use or placing into Microsoft programs for letterheads, invoices, etc, so we convert the EPS file into a JPG and PNG as well from this original file.

If your designer is working in Photoshop, you will not get a logo that will be universally useful and it will cause problems in the future, if not right away, an EPS file cannot be saved from a Photoshop file.

You can see why it is best to invest in a professional designer as soon as possible, to save problems down the track.

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