Author: Elisha Crismale

You get what you pay for

We all know the saying “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur”.

I’ve had two different scenarios just in the last week of people going for the cheaper option and then they are disappointed with the results.

In both instances it was for the creation of a logo and there have been issues such as:

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File Types Explained

There are many different file types, why would you choose one over another, and what are the differences? The files types explained in this article are the most relevant to when you’re dealing with your graphic designer.

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Network your way to success

I have been networking on a regular basis for almost 4 years. I am a member of a networking organisation that meets weekly, and I have been to and been a member of a lot of different networking groups.

Over the years of networking I have learnt a lot. I’ve learnt lot about people, and how to connect with them, I’ve learnt what my strengths are and how to use them, and how to deal with my weaknesses.

A high percentage of our business at Evoke Visual Creations comes from networking, and I would say that I am a successful networker.

I would like to share my Top 10 Tips for successful networking, to help you get the most out of your networking investment – being time and money.

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You require my logo in what format???

So you already have a logo but have decided to use a different graphic designer to design your business cards, flyers, company profile or pull-up banner, but you’re not sure what file type you need to provide your logo in for the best results.

The short answer is “vector format”, but what does that mean?

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Hate wasting money? Invest wisely.

I received an enquiry last week from a small business owner who was stressed and frustrated.

He was going through a rebrand for his existing business, but he wasn’t happy with the results.

He had paid a small fortune for a logo, which wasn’t working for him, and he had wasted a whole month on the whole process.

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