Attracting the wrong people?

Have you heard someone complaining they aren’t getting the right clients? Is it because they are feeling like they can’t charge enough to their current customer base?

It’s possible that their brand doesn’t engage with their right client, their target audience.

Creating a great brand actually allows you to charge what you believe you are worth. A premium brand gives the perception of premium products and services which people will pay more for.

Some ways you can help this along are:-

Raise your prices – Crazy I know but it works. It’s been statistically proven that the more a customer pays, the LESS hand holding and qualifying you need to be to that client. They will appreciate the work that you do, given you do deliver optimum service or products.

Say No! – OK, stay with me here. You need to let potential clients know that you may not be the right fit for them. Just because they approached you doesn’t mean you have to work with them.

By not matching someone else’s pricing or saying that you can’t do what they want doesn’t have to be a bad thing. By saying no, you’re letting the potential customer know you place value on yourself and your services/products. The psychology behind this makes you even more appealing to the right audience.

Tell them who you want to attract – Sometimes it’s just easier if you let people know who you actually want to work with. Be clear on who you do want to attract so others can be on the look out for you too.

Branding that appeals – Know who your target audience is then create a brand that attracts them. Amending your design and message makes all the difference.

Ask questions – Asking the right questions to your target audience can allow you to focus on the features that are important to them.

If you know someone that is struggling to engage with their right client, get them to give me a call and we can do an honest brand review on what may not be working for them.

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