Who is the right client for you?

Finding the right client doesn’t have to be hard, the first step in doing this is working out who the right client is for you.

Many businesses don’t even know who the right client for them is. This actually disadvantages them and their customers because they are not tailoring their business and their products/services to these clients, which would make the customer experience so much better.

We talk about target market, which includes age, sex, hobbies, profession and so on, but there is more to the right client.

There are two parts to this…

Let’s put our business hat on and ask how your clients can help you grow your business – you may not have directly thought about this before.

  • Who are the most profitable clients?
  • How often can they re-purchase / come back?
  • Who has the ability to and actively refers others your way?

And then let’s talk about personality, what kind of people do you like to deal with?

  • What kind of values and personality attributes do they have?
  • Who do you want to build a relationship with and connect with?

This can make your business relationship so much more enjoyable and beneficial to both parties.

Create criteria as to who the right client is for you, using the above as a guide. You may have other values to add to this also.

You can then create a “client statement”, which can help you and your staff identify whom your business works with. Next time you talk to a prospect go through that checklist in your head.

Working with these clients will make you happier. Being your own boss gives you that advantage to choose who you work with, make it your ultimate goal to work with your preferred clients. You will be so much happier and be able to offer more to your clients.

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