Branding that appeals

Have you heard someone complaining they aren’t getting the right clients, or not enough clients?

It’s possible their visual brand doesn’t engage with the right client, their target audience.

A lack of branding will also cause this issue… If they don’t have any branding or aren’t doing any kind of targeted branding or marketing, then who are they going to get as customers? It could be anyone… or worse, no one!

Something I hear from new businesses is that they don’t know who they want to target at this stage so they don’t want to create a brand yet… This is understandable, but every business had a target audience even if it is very broad – for example, in a broad sense some businesses and products may only be aimed at men, so the branding would talk to this market, and anyone not in that market would know that it is not for them.

With these new businesses, we can create a logo that communicates what they do and how they can help their broad customer and then in 12 months time we can tweak the logo once their target audience has narrowed… This can keep happening overtime and small tweaks can be made to suit.

Remembering there are many other benefits from having a brand – such as being able to charge that premium price because you now do look like you are the professional business that you are, with good quality products and great service – if that is what you want to communicate…

You need branding that appeals – know who your target audience is, then create a brand that attracts them. As you narrow your market, amend your design and message, and that can make all the difference to whom you are attracting.

If you know someone that is struggling to engage with their target audience, let them know we have solutions that suit their situation, and can help them through the process in creating a brand that appeals.

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