It’s not all about the looks…

Your brand generally starts with your logo as the foundation of your visual brand, it helps to set the standard and maintain consistency across your visual communication… But this comes from what it is that you want to communicate as your brand identity and your key message for your business.

Consistency is key.

The language and the words we use in all our business communications have an impact on how strong our message is and how memorable we are. If we are consistent in all our communications, our message will be more effective.

Do you know what words and language to use?

Start with your brand personality with our free worksheet, download it from our Learning Centre here. This will help you create a brand statement, which will help you be consistent in all your dealings – whether it be in your marketing, sales pitch, website content, and simply speaking with customers.

The important thing here is consistency.

Consistency = memorable! And every business needs to be memorable.

Learn more with Evoke, visit our Learning Centre to master your brand and marketing practices.

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