Card to Confidence

I’m an avid networker. It took a long time, but now I am very comfortable going to networking events, meeting and talking to new people, standing up and doing a 30 or 60 second spiel on my business. If you’re worried, don’t! It gets easier every time – trust me! I am as far from an extrovert as possible!

Anyway, I was at a luncheon a few weeks back and there was a break in the agenda to get up and do some open-networking with a specific task of meeting someone new.

I did just that, I approached a lady standing on her own, had a chat and we swapped business cards at the end of our conversation, I felt we could reconnect at a later date. I repeated this process until our open-networking time was up.

When this section of the event was over, and we were sitting back at our tables, a close colleague of mine said she had watched me and admitted she was envious of me “you are so confident to hand over your business card”.

Why should I be ashamed? I’m proud of my business card design, I’m proud of the high quality print, and I know the content is effective. If I feel there is potential for me to reconnect with the person I will swap details – that’s what we are there for!

I asked my colleague if she was proud of her business card… It wasn’t a terrible card, but she admitted she wasn’t proud of it. We are now in the process of redesigning her cards and exploring some printing options to make her card unique.

She is already excited for the opportunity to hand out her business cards!!!

If you are in the same boat, or need any other networking tips, let me know!

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