Marketing: Where to start

Are you feeling a little lost on how to market your business and raise your brand awareness? Do you find yourself confused when it comes to getting your name and your brand out there?

Is “marketing” a word that scares you?

Some mentors and coaches will tell you to watch your competition so you can work out the best way to stand out against them.

Others will tell you to get out there and network, create strategic joint ventures, do bulk letterbox drops…

I’m going to share the best way to market yourself and raise your brand awareness.

And that is; be YOU!

Being true to you is the best way to market yourself.

Be aligned with your offer; believe in your product or service.

However you share your offer, just do what is right for you.

Yes, of course there are some tactical “stuff” that you need to implement to get the right clients, and a professional can help you with that. But it needs to be in a way that feels right for you – otherwise it will not work!

So firstly, and most importantly, so take a long hard look at what you are doing and ask yourself, “does this feel right for me?”

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