Meeting your Graphic Designer – What to Expect

The initial meeting with your graphic designer is a great way to find out whether the fit will be right between the two of you. It’s a way to start a working relationship with each other, after all, you both want this relationship to last as long as your business!

A good relationship with your designer is beneficial to the growth of your business, and the effectiveness of the branding and marketing projects your designer will be working on for your business.

The initial meeting can be seen as a “get to know” meeting. It usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour and is free of charge.

During this time the designer will ask about you and your business, the history (even if you are a start-up business), when and why you started, your vision and your future plans for your business.

You may discuss why you contacted a graphic designer in the first place and what areas you feel a professional designer can assist you with.

Over the conversation, the designer will develop an understanding about the values, culture and work practices of your business.

Similarly, you will get to know about the designer and their business, their values, work practices and their processes.

By the end of the meeting you will each know how they can help you and where to go next.

Download the Action Sheet here and be prepared!

– About me
– About my business
– History
– Journey
– Future plans
– Business Values, culture and practices
– What would I like a designer to help me with
– What do I want out of this meeting

By filling out the Action Sheet, it will ensure you get the most out of your first free 45 minutes.

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