What is this “business branding” business?

Branding is one of the most important elements to a business. The right branding will provide you the best possible chance of success. It is a way of identifying your business. Branding is how your customers recognise and experience your business.

We truly believe that branding effects business success…

Logo Design
A professionally designed logo can help communicate what you do in business and how you do it.

A logo is the foundation of your business brand. Your business stationery, website and promotional materials, all of which should include your logo, communicate your brand.

Entire Brand

A strong brand starts from a logo but is more than just that. It’s reflected in everything from the way your customers experience your staff, how your phones are answered, staff uniforms, business cards and shopfront/office, to your marketing materials and advertising.

Whether you are a new or a well established business your business brand needs to attract the right client, portray the right message and engage with your target audience. It needs to help you stand out from the crowd and help give your business credibility.

For example, a life coach was requesting a playful but premium feel to their logo. It suits her personality and the premium feel gives her some credibility, allowing her to charge what she feels she is was worth without being questioned.

The right branding will provide you the best possible chance of success.

Take Control!
As a business owner, you need to take control over your business brand. You have the ability to control how the phone is answered, how your team present themselves and how your brand LOOKS.

We call this the “visual brand” or “visual identity” of your company and it starts with a logo design.

Contact Evoke Visual Creations to allow us to create an effective visual brand for you.

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