10 Signs it’s Time for a Re-brand! – Part 1/3

You never get a chance to make a second first impression, so it’s worth investing in a good brand from day one if you are serious about your business.

Established businesses may have a re-brand on their hands, changing your focus, introducing new products or services and perhaps looking to approach a target market differently. Here are some more reasons you may be in need of a re-brand…

1. You’re just not lovin’ it..
I hear a lot of people say “it’s just something I had done quickly…”, this is simply an excuse for why they don’t have a great logo, we call this “start up shame”.

Most start ups don’t have a big budget and have a long list of things that need doing. So they usually head online and get a logo done by a template website for anywhere between $5 to $50… Business Branding effects Business Success and it is worth investing in!

2. You don’t stand out…
Are people confusing you with your competitors, or thinking your business is connected to another business (a competitor of yours!)? If you don’t stand out, you’ll never be a “go-to” business.

Sometimes you need to admit that you are not unique. Your competitors may be selling products/services that are similar to yours, and you can’t simply compete with customer service, and trust me, you don’t want to compete with price.. So you need to stand out, there is room for everyone in the market, but you need a professionally designed, unique brand, which communicates to and targets your niche to become that default business!

3. Operational Changes
Have you changed some of the fundamentals in your business? Have you introduced some new products or services? Higher quality products? Different processes? New direction…

Maybe your branding no longer suits due to these changes in your business. If your brand doesn’t accurately depict your business anymore, it could be time to re-evaluate. You may even be able to simplify your business name or brand – people may know your brand now and you don’t need that additional descriptive word. Starbucks used to be called “Starbucks coffee” and as they became recognised they were able to remove the additional word. If you are in this position, congratulations!

More of our tips are coming in our next blog – we don’t want to overwhelm you! In the meantime, we’d absolutely love to see how your branding has evolved – show us your very first logo and what your logo looks like now now!

If you require a re-brand, or know of someone who does, please don’t hesitate to contact Evoke Visual Creations or pass on our details so we can help create an effective visual brand.

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