Who are you?

In my last post, I addressed the different personalities in business and how these make up your business personality, brand and even your business practises.

This could be made up from partners, directors and employees combined, but in small business this in mainly from the business owner – your different personality traits, values and culture have an impact.

What do your customers experience when they deal with your business? It’s important to know what is it that makes your business unique, and remember no other business has you…

I opened up in my last post, revealing some of my personality traits, which included creative, highly professional, driven and supportive – anyone that has dealt with me a few times can see this! These personality traits are all conveyed through how I deal with my customers, how my employees deal with my customers, and how my customers experience every aspect of my business.

I also revealed that I’m a perfectionist, organised and like to focus on one thing at a time. This has helped to form one of our company practices. Whilst we are with someone or working on a client’s project, we will not be distracted by emails, social media or phone calls – so please don’t be offended if we don’t answer your call straight away, as we are focusing on an important job for one of our clients… And this could be your project.

Our clients respect this company practice, and they know we will call them back if required.

So, what is your business personality? Do any of your personality traits create a company practice that your clients now know to expect when they deal with you?

What words define your business personality, what defines your brand and your business practices?

Our Brand Personality Worksheet will help get you started, you can grab this from our Learning Centre. Best of luck!

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