10 Signs it’s Time for a Re-brand! – Part 3/3

This is the 3rd and final post about why a rebrand may be required. If you missed the first two posts you can read the first one here and the second here.

These last three signs are focused on growth! Here are some further reasons you may be in need of a re-brand…

8. Growing – Going Global!
Have you outgrown your brand? Congratulations! There are many things to consider when going international.

Different words mean different things in other languages, so research if what you currently have can easily be transferred and understood in your new region. Be very careful, you don’t want the wrong message to be conveyed!

Lastly, check that your look conveys – International! If you still look like the small business from OZ, give us a call, we can bring you to the level you need to be.

9. Don’t Become Outdated
It is a good idea to update your branding every couple of years to ensure you are still viewed as fresh in the marketplace and to keep up to date with the ever changing trends. You don’t want to be viewed as stale and that your business is so yesterday! Moving forward with your branding shows that you are forever evolving, as are the services and products you provide.

10. External Changes
Don’t forget, changes are happening externally, you need to keep up with those trends too. As an example, people have become health conscious as we learn more about the effects a variety of foods have on our bodies, even McDonalds have changed their branding and marketing to offer healthier choices.

Remember, changes don’t have to be a drastic, slight tweaks can make all the difference.

We love seeing before and after images of your rebrand process, please share them with us!

If we just described your business, please contact Evoke Visual Creations to allow us to create an effective visual brand for you.

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