How to Make Your Graphic Designer Happy

I met with a client last week, she’s a bit of an Entrepreneur with many business ideas and she is ready to refresh the logo of one of her businesses.

She paid $99 for her logo when she was just starting her business, it was OK for what she needed at the time, but now she’s ready to take her business to the next level and wants to refresh her logo.

I asked her one of my most important questions….

“Who is your target market?”

I normally get answers like “anyone who owns a car” or “any female aged 20 – 80”. This is not specific enough for your graphic designer to work with…

This client started with an age group of 32 – 45, this sounded promising. She went on to describe her avatar specifically with demographics of age, sex, type of profession, what Sydney Suburbs they live in, how much they earn as a family…

I left the meeting feeling excited that I could very specifically visualise who my client wants to target.

The point of my question is so we can ensure your logo and your marketing attracts and communicates your desired message to your target market.

What would you say if I asked “who is your target market?” If you can’t answer this with a clear and concise definition then you really should spend the time to get this right. Not only will it help with your branding it will help with all your marketing and business decisions down the track.

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