Branding speaks volumes

Your branding tells your customer about the kind of company you are. Don’t be fooled though, you and your personal brand are one. This is heightened if you are a consultant, business coach or similar industry where you are the heart of the brand. So, what do you want people to feel, think and say about your brand?

Most judgments are made in an instant, as eyes cast over your company name, logo and tagline. The combination of all these speaks volumes before you have even said one word.

When providing a service, customers are connecting and engaging with you, your personality and expertise. So building a brand with your energy, your message will automatically dictate how you want to connect with others and assist you in attracting your ideal client.

Customers will often identify with a brand – we have all seen how people, and you probably do it yourself will automatically gravitate to a brand. It’s because the brand showcases some aspect of your own personal self. There is also the perception of what type of service or product will be received. For example, there is a stigma around those that drive a Volvo versus a Mercedes Benz, those that shop at K-Mart and those that visit David Jones.

So take the time to engage with an expert to help you develop your own brand that reflects who you are and how you want to connect with your ideal client.

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