Has your Brand got Feelings?

Most people perceive a brand is how your business looks, but it really starts with how your business FEELS to your target market…

Your brand is your reputation, and this will stem from how your customers “feel” when they experience your business. This is why your graphic designer will ask what sort of feeling it is that you wish to convey to your customers. A professionally designed logo can help communicate what you do in business and how you do it.

Consider how your brand is perceived, this is after all what people think of your business. Right or wrong, it’s the branding that is often the initial contact people have and quickly make judgment.

Branding is not just the business logo, and not even just visual items of a business… You could say it is the personality of a business.

Your business brand really is the whole customer experience… Everything from your logo, your website, your social media experiences, the way you answer the phone, and even the way your customers experience your staff.

From day one, businesses should have a plan about their brand, they should plan the whole experience they want their customers to have with their business.

It is important for a business to think about their brand in this broad sense from the very start, even before we start on their logo.

So answer this question – how does your brand make people feel? A simple way to find out is to ask. Go out and start asking, you may be surprised by the answers you get.

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