The Killer Brief

Whether you’re working with a graphic designer on a new logo, website, catalogue, or promotional flyers for your business, it’s crucial to give them a clear and detailed brief.

Most designers will have certain questions they want to ask. Here is a quick guide of what you should be prepared to answer…

Company Profile
Don’t just assume your designer knows your business, they may know the industry but every business is different!

Be prepared to tell them about your business, the history, your visions and future plans and your business values – I really like this one, as I find ways I can relate to my customers, once this is answered.

Target Market

There is no doubt you will be asked about your target market for your entire business or a particular marketing campaign.

You should know the demographics of your market, read our blog on target market here.

What sort of feeling do you want to convey to your customer? This is what your entire brand should be about. Again, read more about this here.

What is it that you are after, what is the motivator?
Are you creating a new brand for your business because you have decided to take your business to the next level?
Do you want to create a promotional flyer to raise brand awareness or sell off a product you are no longer supplying?

It’s good to think about the above before talking to your designer so you are able to answer their questions.

So make sure you cover each of these main areas to create a killer brief that your designer will easily understand.


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