Hate wasting money? Invest wisely.

I received an enquiry last week from a small business owner who was stressed and frustrated.

He was going through a rebrand for his existing business, but he wasn’t happy with the results.

He had paid a small fortune for a logo, which wasn’t working for him, and he had wasted a whole month on the whole process.

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Marketing: Where to start

Are you feeling a little lost on how to market your business and raise your brand awareness? Do you find yourself confused when it comes to getting your name and your brand out there?

Is “marketing” a word that scares you?

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Your Colgate Ring of Confidence

Professional business coach, Sandra Bartlett shares how she identifies and connects with her “WHY” in business. She shares how you can do this too, to enable you to establish and maintain momentum in all areas of your business.

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Are you suffering from a Brand Identity Crisis?

I took some time off last weekend (yes I know, lucky me) and spent some time relaxing and exploring the beautiful sunny Sunshine Coast in Queensland. On the last day, I decided to treat myself to a massage. There were many massage clinics in the area, and I was looking for a pamper treatment to help me feel relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to go back to the fast pace of Sydney.

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