Who are you?

In my last post, I addressed the different personalities in business and how these make up your business personality, brand and even your business practises.

This could be made up from partners, directors and employees combined, but in small business this in mainly from the business owner – your different personality traits, values and culture have an impact.

What do your customers experience when they deal with your business? It’s important to know what is it that makes your business unique, and remember no other business has you…

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People do business with people

“People do business with people, not with business.” This is a lesson that has stayed with me over the many years of running my own business.

People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. If there are two businesses side by side selling the same product for the same price, only one thing can make a difference… Customer service. So what makes a business have great customer service? People!

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It’s not all about the looks…

Your brand generally starts with your logo as the foundation of your visual brand, it helps to set the standard and maintain consistency across your visual communication… But this comes from what it is that you want to communicate as your brand identity and your key message for your business.

Consistency is key.

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Branding that appeals

Have you heard someone complaining they aren’t getting the right clients, or not enough clients?

It’s possible their visual brand doesn’t engage with the right client, their target audience.

A lack of branding will also cause this issue… If they don’t have any branding or aren’t doing any kind of targeted branding or marketing, then who are they going to get as customers? It could be anyone… or worse, no one!

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Who is the right client for you?

Finding the right client doesn’t have to be hard, the first step in doing this is working out who the right client is for you.

Many businesses don’t even know who the right client for them is. This actually disadvantages them and their customers because they are not tailoring their business and their products/services to these clients, which would make the customer experience so much better.

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