Why use a Graphic Designer to design your logo…

We receive logos from clients regularly, who would like us to expand their marketing collateral. Yes, we love working with clients no matter what stage their business is in.

Unfortunately, those that decided it would be a good idea to create their own logo in PowerPoint or skimp on costs, can become a costly fix later.

So, what should you expect from your logo?

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What I learnt from Jamie Durie

I had the pleasure of attending a business event last month with Jamie Durie, one of Australia’s leading Landscape Designers and favourite television personalities, as the keynote speaker.

When I attend an event like this to get the most out of my attendance I like to leave there with something I have learnt from the speaker…

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Meeting your Graphic Designer – What to Expect

The initial meeting with your graphic designer is a great way to find out whether the fit will be right between the two of you. It’s a way to start a working relationship with each other, after all, you both want this relationship to last as long as your business!

A good relationship with your designer is beneficial to the growth of your business, and the effectiveness of the branding and marketing projects your designer will be working on for your business.

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Apples vs. Oranges – a Premium Price

Perception is stronger than reality. Your brand can reflect where you want to be placed in the market place, which brings us to the topic of what level of pricing you feel you can charge.

It’s a mix of art and science and is why so many smaller business owners struggle with it. So what is the right price for you and your brand?

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Creating loyalty without a card

It’s no secret that people do business with companies they are familiar with. If your branding is consistent and easy to recognise, this helps people feel more comfortable purchasing from you…

People are creatures of comfort and many don’t like change. As consumers we tend to use the brand we’ve come to know and trust, repeatedly. The only way this type of loyalty is created is with consistency, along with a memorable experience.

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